Blackberry might be down, but not out yet.


Rejoice Blackberry lovers (currently in minority) your favorite platform will get a shot in the arm soon. Visa has approved the technology which will enable Blackberry users to swipe mobile phones and make the payments. It was announced on Wednesday by RIM that Visa has given the green signal for RIM to develop the technology which will enable this.

“It’s a good sign to see that the hardware providers and the carriers and the financial institutions are becoming increasingly co-ordinated on how they’re gong to go to market on this,” said Doug Macdonald, senior manager at Deloitte Canada. “The more these types of standards being approved the better it is for consumers.”

More than 1600 customers in North America had registered for the program which helps the customers to ease the transition to Blackberry 10 and Blackberry Enterprise Server 10. Customers included more than 60 Fortune 500 companies and top Government organizations.  Shares of RIM which fell as low as $6.22 in September, have more than doubled in value since.

RIM’s announcement will likely increase the interest of mobile phone payments in US where the adoption has been low due to security concerns and long standing habits of using credit cards. In Japan and South Korea, people have already been using this from the past decade to pay their transportation costs which was helped in large by the co-operation between carriers and banks.


2 thoughts on “Blackberry might be down, but not out yet.

  1. Nice article. I did not realize that Japan and South Korea have been using that technology for as long as they have.

    Just another confirmation as to how far America is behind with certain technologies.

    • Thanks Kevin. Even in Singapore where I’m currently living, I use a card which is like a pre paid card. Whenever I want to travel anywhere I just swipe the card in the bus or train and travel.

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