Using Fashion to Make a Statement on Technology

THE fashion designer Alexander Wang is joining forces with Samsung to create a new print based on doodles, sketches and photographs that are being contributed via smartphone by some of the top names in fashion. 



Hospitals using UV technology to keep patients, rooms bug-free

Hospitals in Canada are using ultraviolet light technology to cut down on patient infections and costs.

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Top 10 incredible inventions.

Top 10 Incredible Scientific Inventions.
10. Suicide Bombing Bacterias.
Scientists have discovered a way in which they can induce certain bacteria to explode when it comes in contact with an enemy. Click here to get the full details (

9. Love/Anti-Love Pill
Pills which can create as well as destroy the most powerful emotion in the world, Love. Complete details here.
8. Sixth sense technology
This thing is so amazing, that I won’t be writing about it. You have to see it to believe it. Catch it here.
7. Magic mirror.
A mirror which can tell you your vital signs just by looking into it. Here is the link (
6. Mind control
A way in which a soldier in battle can reduce stress, increase alertness and go for long hours without sleep by just pressing a switch. All details here. (
5. Anti-Malaria Mosquito
It takes a mosquito to stop malaria. Oh the irony of it. Catch all details here (
4. Plants which detect bombs.
Stuff just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Get the info here (
3. Telepathy
Remember Professor Xavier from Xmen. Well we are closer than you think . (
2. Bullet Proof Gel
This thing is straight out of Terminator. Check it out here (
1. Regeneration
This one just takes the cake. What a better use of science than regenerating lost body parts.

And Facebook said “Let there be graph search”

Innovation. Pretty cool word. For some companies this word is a necessary evil. Just ask Microsoft. And for others this is a driving force behind what makes them get up from their bed and create awesome products. Whatever may be the reason for Facebook, it has launched another feature which Mark Zukerberg calls as the third pillar (alongside NewsFeed and Timeline), its the Graph Search.

Many of you might be fooled by the name, including me ( no it doesn’t display any sort of graph). What it does is, after you enter a search term for example, “places to eat in Singapore”,it will bring you a list of places which your friends might have liked, checked in or reviewed. The reason this is so compelling is (unless you don’t have trust worthy friends) you would value your friends recommendations more than something which turns up on Google.

But good old Facebook has a history of messing up with privacy settings whenever it launches a new feature. The new Facebook Privacy has made it impossible to hide entire Timelines from search results. You can hide individual posts though by hiding it one at a time. Even Randi Zuckerberg, CEO’s sister was not spared when a photo of herself which was supposed to be private turned up in a search result.

So the natural question on your mind. How can I get this awesome search feature? You might be disappointed to know that currently the feature is in beta and you can use it only if you are invited by Facebook. You can go to here and join the waiting list. Facebook will notify you if you can use the graph search. So guys, what do you think of this feature. Let me know in the comments.